~ Cochran, Nordling & Cochran (2010)


Play is the language of childhood, playfulness is the key to creating change. 

At Secure Foundations we work with children and families to breakthrough and resolve psychological, relational, emotional and behavioural challenges. 


Birds fly. Fish swim. Children play.

- Gary Landreth

Play therapy

Allows children to play out what they may not be able to talk about. 

Where adults often talk about their feelings this can be very tricky for most children, and so as a play therapist we give them the opportunity to talk to us in their language; play. 

It's not 'just play'.

Play therapy, is a powerful way of 'being with' children in order to engage and work with them therapeutically.

With its intervention children can: 

- play out their inner and real life experiences in a way that builds insight and capacity

- express, communicate, regulate, practice and master new skills as well as a full range of emotions

Research shows that play therapy has (at least 🤭) 20 special superpowers that fall into 4 categories (Schaefer, & Drewes, 2014):

  • Enhances social relationships
  • Fosters emotional wellness 
  • Increases personal strengths
  • Facilitates communication

WHO is it FOR?

Sarah specialises in working with children and families in the early stages of child development from birth to 8 years old. 

Individual Play therapy is ideal for: 

  • Behavioural challenges (internalising or externalising)
  • Children with ADHD and autistic neurotypes
  • Anxiety, fears, withdrawal
  • Trauma recovery
  • Grief and loss
  • Parental separation 
  • Difficulties with regulation 
  • Separation anxiety
  • Major life transitions
  • Toileting and sleep difficulties
  • Social and peer difficulties
  • Family and sibling dynamics

Where possible, Sarah likes to work with children and their family system in filial therapy (parent-child relationship therapy). Filial therapy has the greatest treatment effect and can be adapted to suit the needs of the family or the context.

FEES - Jan 2024

Secure Foundations is not an NDIS registered provider but welcomes self-managed and plan- managed referrals. We are passionate about advocating for positive whole-child outcomes and will work with your professional and family system to promote the best outcomes for you.

You can allocate funds from your child’s self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funds towards Play Therapy. Get in touch with us or with your Plan Manager for more information.


Fees as of Jan 2024 for privately paying and NDIS self and plan-managed individuals.

  • Initial parent/caregiver intake appointment

$193.99 p/h (90 minutes = $290)

  • Weekly therapy appointment

$193.99 (50 mins + 10 mins notes)

  • Parent/caregiver update session 

(every 4- 5 weeks)$145.49 (1/2 hr + 15 mins notes)

  • Written reports

 $193.99 p/h (1-2 hours)


Services at Secure Foundations Therapy can be accessed under the following NDIS supports:

Early Intervention (under 7)

Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living

15_005_0118_1_3: Early Childhood Supports – Early Childhood Professional

Please refer to your service agreement for terms of service prior to commencing therapy.

Please speak to us if finances are a barrier for you.


We accept self referrals, from any family who feel they may benefit from our services, you can self refer by simply hitting the ‘get in touch’ button or by completing the form below. We also accept referrals from Department of Child Protection, other allied health professionals and non-Government organisations.

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