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Copemates: Affirmation Cards

COPEMATES- By Secure Foundations

COPEMATES is a little deck of big statements designed to grow your little ones mindset (some big people have even reported a shift in their own). Thoughtfully designed by a Child and Family Play Therapist and lovingly hand illustrated to challenge negative thoughts, spark curiosity and build their confidence to have a crack at new things. 

Over recent years, neuroscience has shown us that using positive affirmations can:

💫increase self-esteem

💫improve emotional wellbeing

💫create resiliency

💫 build confidence

💫 decrease negative thinking


💫improve problem solving

These cards are not only designed to look bloody wonderful both in the kids rooms and out in the family spaces but they're also intended to be used. They can be chosen as a beautiful part of your daily and evening routines to connect with your little one and create opportunities to support them on a pathway to a growth mindset.

Have you ever heard your little one say things like this...

“Ugh, I’ll never be as good as them.”

“This is too hard.”

“I can’t do it.”

“I can’t figure it out.”

“I hate this.”


If so, pop some copemates in your cart and start turning those upside down thoughts the right way round. 

Features Include:

Beautiful Box with hand drawn illustrations and a soft magnet close

    • 37 individually hand illustrated affirmation cards
    • Each card is made from thick durable card with rounded corners-safe for small hands
    • A branded wooden card stand holder to pop them up pride of place
    • Instructions for a little guidance on how to prompt conversations
    • Brain Card- understanding how your child's brain works
    • BOX SIZE: 10cm (H) x 8cm (W)

    Returns Disclaimer:

    • As per our returns policy:
      • If you have received this item & have not opened it & wish to return it in it’s beautiful original packaging within 30 days of the date of purchase, we will happily refund or provide a store credit upon the items return, however, this will need to be done at your (the customers) expense. Please note: Original packaging is inclusive of ALL packaging, including the plastic packaging that the cards are packed in.


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    Copemates: Affirmation Cards

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Rachael Wade
    Gorgeous affirmations

    These cards are gorgeous. Beautiful design, purposeful affirmations allowing opportunity to explore feelings and thoughts with your children. My 3yo loves reading them each day.

    So impressive I purchased another set!

    I initially purchased these for my almost 3YO Birthday. But, my 5YO Niece is going through many transitions with starting school and a new sibling so I thought perhaps she should also have a set also. I love the prompts down the bottom of the card, I think it makes it easier to make a ritual out of them. Can’t wait to start using them with in our home daily!

    Sarah Huddlestone
    Amazing cards of support for the whole family

    These cards aren’t just great for my little one but they also provide me with that bit of extra support when times are feeling tough after a meltdown or I feel like I can’t overcome the current challenges we are facing.

    April Ryan
    Perfectly named Cope Mates

    I ordered these with hope to further develop our communication around self talk and emotional roller coasters.

    I literally opened the package as my toddler had a floor melt down. Within one minute we had found the right card to overcome that moment of frustration and she proudly displays them on her book shelf.

    I can foresee how valuable these will be as she grows and changes, and for us as parents to figure out some more thoughtful ways navigate childhood.

    You’re very wise Sarah! Thanks for sharing the toolbox with us.

    Brilliant and fun

    My kids aged 5 and 7 love these cards (and hubby does too!) Fantastic reinforcement of all the ideas and beliefs you want growing kids to be aware of - and I really like the prompts for interesting discussions. I can really see how this simple but powerful affirmations will build resilience and a positive approach. Plus, delightful images and a nifty wooden stand for our daily card. Winning!